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  • Spray Coatings and Weld Overlays
    Spray Coatings and Weld Overlays This hardfaced coating company offers a wide range of spray and overlay services to the surface finishing industry
  •  <b> APU®  <i>Acid Purification Unit </i> </b>
    APU® Acid Purification Unit Recover and recycle over 90% of spent acids resulting in REDUCED COSTS and IMPROVED QUALITY. Eco-Tec’s APU® system has become a standard in several metal processing industries including aluminium anodizing and stainless steel pickling.
  • Spiral Products
    Spiral Products Spiral Bands are used primarily for deburring, polishing and surface preparation
  • Coating Removal Services
    Coating Removal Services Coating removal services are available for the removal of virtually any type of coating, including
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