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  • Bronze Plating
    Bronze Plating A proprietary electroplating process, K.C. Jones Miccrolloy Bronze deposits range from .00005 to 0.1 inches on steel and cast iron
  • Small Diameter Wheel Tools
    Small Diameter Wheel Tools On both hand tools and fixed machinery, these small diameter wheels deburr, clean, rough and improve the surface of small parts, including hard-to-reach areas
  • High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel Coatings
    High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel Coatings A recent modification of the spray-and-fuse process, high-velocity oxy-fuel coatings use a high-velocity oxy-fuel flame spray gun to apply the coating prior to fusing
  • FO 510 Acrylic Galvanize Primer F0 510 ACRYLIC GALVANIZE PRIMER is an acrylic latex primer manufactured specifically for long-term protection on galvanized steel surfaces
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