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  • UV Curing Systems for 3D Substrates
    UV Curing Systems for 3D Substrates CON-TROL-CURE Lighthouse VL UV Curing Systems are specifically designed for curing UV liquid and powder coatings on three-dimensional substrates
  • Continuous Vibratory Finishing Process
    Continuous Vibratory Finishing Process Designed to fit into automated in-line production systems, the CV-Type continuous vibratory finishing system is capable of finishing parts at high production rates
  • Parts Washing Containment Island The Containment Island features a closed-loop system that filters up to 100 gal of washwater and then redirects it to a pressure washer for reuse...
  • High Reliablitity Infra-Red Hoist Positioning System
    High Reliablitity Infra-Red Hoist Positioning System Enables hoist(s) to move at substantially higher speeds (with adequate distance), can reduce cycle-time and increase line throughput, or can be used to increase drip times and thereby reduce recurring costs of rinsewater, dragout (plating chemicals), waste treatment chemicals and sludge removal
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