News | December 18, 2001

Advanced Nanotechnology System Enables Easy Nanomanipulation and Nanolithography

Advanced Nanotechnology System Enables Easy Nanomanipulation and Nanolithography

Santa Barbara, CA -- As part of its ongoing development of enabling tools for nanoscience and nanotechnology, Digital Instruments, Veeco Metrology Group announces the new NanoMan™ Nanomanipulation and Nanolithography System. This new system combines the field-proven stability and reliability of the Dimension Series platform SPM/AFMs, with the revolutionary NanoScope® IV SPM controller and new Dimension CL Closed-Loop Scanner Head. This combination offers 10X faster scanning, high accuracy and repeatability in X-Y positioning, and the most advanced nanomanipulation system available on the market today.

Also included is the new user interface and software for intuitive operation in moving objects at the nanometer and molecular levels. The new NanoMan system offers the lowest noise floor available today and exclusively provides censored scanning for sub-micon scan sizes.

Veeco Instruments Inc. is a worldwide leader in process equipment and metrology tools for the optical telecommunications/wireless, data storage, semiconductor and research markets. Manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, California, Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. Additional information on Veeco can be found at For more information about NanoMan, please visit and contact your local representative today.

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