Newsletter | May 16, 2012

05.16.12 -- AAMA Releases Updated Specification For Anodized Aluminum

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AAMA Releases Updated Specification For Anodized Aluminum
Lubrizol Launches Lanco 1580 LF Polyethylene Wax For The Wood Coatings Industry
Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber Mounted Points Remove Tool Marks, Maintain Part Geometry
Versatile, Peelable Masking Resin Simplifies Masking Processes
Environmentally Friendly Superwetting Surfactants And Pigment Dispersant For Aqueous Coatings
Biocoat Releases Three New Hydrophilic Coatings
Fox Fire Glass Chooses Nanofilm Clarity UltraSEAL ABW For Sandblasted Glass
Jotun Powder Coatings Announces Global Launch Of Reveal Smooth
PPG Aerospace Coatings Systems Pass Aerospace Material Specification Testing
Pyro-Paint 634-BN Hi-Temp Boron Nitride Coating Now Available
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Color iMatch Datasheet
An intelligent solution for formulating paint, plastics, or textiles, this package enables quick, accurate color analysis and the capability to optimize every formula for cost and color accuracy. It is available in four levels for specific formulation requirements.
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AnoPur™: Anodizing Bath Purification System
An AnoPur unit is a small, skid-mounted device that connects directly to an anodizing tank, continuously removing aluminum as it is dissolved. The AnoPur unit has the flexibility to be connected to one or several tanks. It employs a simple PLC in a control panel that uses a graphical display to indicate what the unit is doing at any given time.
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Eco-Tec Inc.
AnoPur™: Anodizing Bath Purification System

Milling Powder Containment
Milling is a common operation throughout the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process. Sizing of powders is a dusty operation and with more potent powders being processed the need for containing this operation becomes even more critical from safety and cross contamination avoidance purposes.
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ILC Dover
Milling Powder Containment