News | December 10, 2021

aap Starts The World's First Human Clinical Study For Antibacterial Silver Coating Technology On Anatomical Plates And Screws For Fracture Treatment

The aap Implantate AG ( " aap " or "Company") announces that clinical human study was started for their innovative antibacterial silver coating technology on yesterday. The University Clinic in Regensburg is the first test center to be equipped with the appropriate study materials and trained to perform operations with the company's silver-coated implants as part of the study.

With this, aap has reached another important milestone on the way to the planned CE approval and is at the same time the first company worldwide that will test an antibacterial silver coating on anatomical plates and screws for fracture treatment as part of a study of this kind.

With its antibacterial silver coating technology, aap addresses one of the greatest and so far not adequately solved challenges in traumatology: the reduction of infections in connection with the introduction of implants into the body (so-called Surgical Site Infections = SSI). Surgical site infections represent a major burden both for the affected patients and for the global health systems. A particular danger is posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In its annual report on the state of research on overcoming antibiotic resistance, the WHO recently found that some of the most dangerous bacteria in the world have developed resistance to the known agents. [1]In addition, according to the WHO, almost all antibiotics currently being developed hardly work better than the existing agents. Aap's innovative antibacterial silver coating technology represents an alternative solution in the fight against bacterial infections that is not based on antibiotics and therefore offers enormous market potential. As a platform technology, the technology has a wide range of applications and, in addition to traumatology, can be used in other areas of orthopedics as well as in cardiology, dentistry or medical instruments.

In the future , aap will report regularly on the progress of the clinical human study for its innovative silver coating technology .

[1] 2020 Antibacterial agents in clinical and preclinical development: an overview and analysis. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2021.

Source: aap Implantate AG