News | September 14, 2010

AMI Releases The 2010 Edition Of Its "Global Steel Pipe Coating" Market Report

The global steel pipe coating market is worth circa EUR 5 billion, reveals the market study recently released by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI).

The pipe coating industry was affected by the global economic crisis, but the magnitude, timing and duration of the effects varied broadly from region to region and even among countries in the same region. In Asia, volumes continued to grow during the crisis (driven primarily by sustained activity in China), albeit considerably less than previously expected. In all other regions, the demand dropped, especially in the second half of 2009. In 2010, the Asian growth appears to resume its pace, while in Europe, NAFTA and South America the effects of the crisis still linger.

Nevertheless, during the 2010-2013 interval the volumes are expected to grow by nearly 30%. While Asia, South America and the CIS will experience the fastest growth rates, other regional markets (including Europe and NAFTA) are also expected to expand.

The report identifies the sustained demand for oil and gas, the geographic changes affecting energy supply and demand, the proportionally higher demand for gas and the increased complexity of coatings as the main growth drivers identified for the next interval.

AMI's report covers the global market for anti-corrosion, flow efficiency, thermal insulation and concrete coatings, as well as the raw materials market for these types of coating. Using both quantitative and qualitative descriptors, it analysis the main demand drivers, outlines the historical trends,forecasts the market evolution in the next three years, explores the supply side and scrutinises the main technological developments.

The study's results will no doubt be discussed at the International Pipeline Coating Conference, which is scheduled for 7-9 February 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

SOURCE: Applied Market Information Ltd.