News | June 3, 2020

BTD Wood Powder Coating Clients Choosing Antimicrobial And Seamless For Healthy Interiors

BTD has seen an increase in customer interest for seamless powder coated wood parts with an antimicrobial additive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brainerd, MN (PRWEB) - Continued advances in wood powder coating technology provide BTD clients with considerable options to provide not only functional, but healthy choices when it comes to their wood components. Whether the demand is for seamless, durable and easy to clean, antimicrobial, or low VOC’s, industry leader BTD can fulfill those needs.

BTD uses CNC routers to form MDF (medium density fiberboard) components into most any shape. Then the t.fusion™ process uses cutting edge technology to electrostatically adhere paint particles to pre-heated MDF which is further heated to literally melt the powdered paint particles, fusing and cross-linking the paint to the wood. This thermal fusion results in a seamless, long-lasting surface unequalled by liquid paint, laminate, 3DL (thermofoil) or melamine. Not only does the seamless coating leave no place for bacteria or germs to accumulate, it is very easy to clean. The durable finish can withstand the rigorous cleaning requirements such as those in a healthcare setting.

An extra layer of safety can be achieved in interior environments with an antimicrobial additive that is embedded right in the finish, works 24/7, and has 99.9% efficacy in test results. In public spaces, no one can be there to clean the surfaces after every touch. However, some level of assurance can be attained in that the antimicrobial additives continue working even when employees can’t. A seamless finish in combination with the antimicrobial additive creates a perfect wood component for applications in the healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, childcare or any other industry where bacteria can pose a threat.

BTD CEO, Craig Martin, said, “In the last 30 days, a lot of customers have converted from laminates and other finishes to wood powder coating because it is seamless and has the antimicrobial option.”

Substances are released into the air with nearly every product, but chemicals released from synthetic substances can be toxic and negatively affect indoor air quality. Off gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) has been linked to a number of serious medical conditions.

As a result, multiple standards, codes, and certifications regarding VOC emissions of new construction and finished goods have been published. And, consumer awareness of the effect of off gassing on indoor air quality has increased the demand for more environmentally conscious products for the home, schools, hospitals, offices, and more. Therefore, material and finishing choices for all building components and furnishings are carefully considered during the planning phases.

Unlike parts finished with liquid paints, powder coated MDF components do not contain solvents or produce significant emissions of VOCs or HAPs. Parts manufactured by BTD Wood Powder Coating using FSC certified MDF have been specified in LEED and Living Building Challenge projects.

The versatility in color and finish choices is ideal for ready-to-assemble furniture, shelving and storage, workstations and desks, cabinetry, doors, and countertops. Wood powder coating is also durable – increasing its green value by extending the life of the final product

To learn more about the entire BTD Wood Powder Coating process from concept to completed project, visit or contact a design expert by calling 855-272-1002.

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