News | April 16, 2018

Chet Morrison Contractors Provides Long-Lasting Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coating Services For Protection Of Steel Structures


Chet Morrison Contractors (Morrison) announced it is providing Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coating services in-house at its ISO certified facilities. TSA coating is a process that uses an energy source to propel or spray small softened metal particles onto the surface of another metal or structure.

TSA is a one-coat system that eliminates the need for re-coating, which saves maintenance time and dollars for your equipment and structures. The TSA coating is applied on carbon steel and acts as a barrier, providing sacrificial protection from a variety of elements. For example, in seawater, aluminum has a low self-corrosion rate and is also anodic to carbon steel. Because the galvanic potential of aluminum is more active than carbon steel, TSA acts as an anode and provides a substantial level of cathodic protection (CP).

Morrison’s team is using TSA on the new Canopy of Peace at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. The 825-ton canopy exceeds American Society of Civil Engineers safety standards and will be able withstand the most extreme tropical storm winds, in part due to the use of TSA coating.

Some of the top reasons why Morrison’s clients choose TSA coating are because it:

  • Provides the best long-term corrosion protection available today, working as a sacrificial anode
  • Is cost effective, eliminating re-coats
  • Is extremely efficient – there is little to no drying/curing time; materials can be handled almost immediately after application
  • Has excellent UV resistance

Morrison uses wire arc spray technology for its TSA services. The wire arc technology consistently atomizes the coating with high bond strengths and the highest deposition rates of any thermal spray method. The method can be easily conducted on scaffolding at extended heights and in smaller quarters.

“TSA is an extremely efficient and durable solution for long-term corrosion control and protection,” said John DeBlieux, vice president of Morrison’s Deepwater Riser Services. “We are proud to provide our clients with the benefits of TSA, including significant life improvement over conventional barrier coatings, minimum need for maintenance and cost efficiency.”


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