News | March 1, 2012

CIN Launches A New Coating For The Interior Of Food Storage Containers

CIN, Iberian leader in the paints and varnishes sector, is launching a new product for coating the interiors of food storage containers. Named C-Pox TL790 FG, it is for use on interiors of potable water tanks, wine vats and containers for juices and edible oils.

C-Pox® TL790 FG complies with the new requirements of European Regulation no. 10/2011 which establishes specific safety standards for materials and objects which may come into contact with food products. Product Manager Fernando Ramos, states that "with this new launch, CIN once again leads the field in product innovation by offering our customers truly innovative answers".

C-Pox® TL790 FG is approved by OTEC, meeting requirements for global and specific migration of products in contact with food stuffs. It is also approved by the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia of the Univeridade Católica Portuguesa, which carries out organoleptic tests on drinking water and by the IVDP - Instituto do Vinho do Douro e do Porto – which carries out organoleptic tests on wines and fortified wines such as port.