News | July 12, 2010

DANVER Offers High Style And Low-Maintenance Finishes For Outdoor Kitchens

The popularity and growth of outdoor kitchens continues to spread across the country. In response to this increasing demand, DANVER Stainless Steel Cabinetry has developed a breadth of cabinetry finishes including powder coat painted wood finishes and painted designer color options to meet any design aesthetic. These finishes make DANVER's stainless steel cabinets virtually maintenance free. The outdoor cabinetry has been manufactured to withstand outdoor conditions and greatly reduce cleaning time and expenses.

"Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are designed to work with any style and in all climate conditions," commented Mitch Slater, president of DANVER. "Outdoor living is no longer restricted to warm coastal climates. Any homeowner interested in to expanding their living space and increasing the value of their home can build their dream outdoor kitchen."

DANVER manufactures three unique finish options to maximize the quality and design of outdoor kitchens.

In order to meet all style needs, DANVER offers stainless kitchens with doors and drawer fronts painted with colors that blend in or complement surroundings such as stone and masonry, or wooded yards or plantings. The painted natural colors give the kitchen a more rustic look while the stainless construction preserves the resilience of the cabinets, creating a low-maintenance product. In addition, this option meets the needs of designers interested in unusual colors designed to carry a particular color scheme from the indoor living space outdoors.

Clear Coat
DANVER's clear Protect-A-Coat finish continues to be popular for kitchens near salt water and pool areas. This virtually maintenance-free coating retains the stainless look while offering maximum protection against chlorine and corrosive chemicals like muriatic acid, which is frequently used to clean pavers.

Powder Coated Wood Finishes
The base powder coat seals the stainless from the environment, working in a fashion similar to Protect-A-Coat, while setting the base color of the desired wood species. Then inks depicting the grain of the desired wood species are transferred permanently into the base coat. The effect results in extremely realistic wood finishes that are unaffected by environmental conditions, and available in ten different wood options.