News | November 30, 2011

DoverPac® SF Designed To Support Media And Buffer Prep Powder Handling

ILC Dover announced recently that their DoverPac® SF family is advancing the state-of-the-art in buffer/media preparation for the biopharmaceutical industry with these single use, flexible systems.

By using ILC's durable ArmorFlex® materials, 3D disposable vessels have been created which ease powder transfer while assuring a robust construction. Drop testing employed during the system development served the company well when a biopharmaceutical customer conducted side by side comparisons against the competition at a recent Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). ILC's DoverPac® SF was able to withstand the most severe test regime while other systems did not.

Our extensive materials and design knowledge gained through decades of collaboration with government and commercial customers helps us create robust seams and 3D constructions for the most critical applications", said Alan George, ILC Dover's Pharmaceutical Product Line Manager. "Design analysis and customer feedback helped us develop the DoverPac® SF with blended, structural seams that minimize powder retention and speed transfer operations."

The company offers the product in a range of standard sizes and sanitary flange interfaces and also customizes designs to meet specific customer applications. Models are available with and without external restraints.

About ILC Dover
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