News | December 5, 2016

EVS Metal, Inc., Acquires Amada LCG 315 AJ Series Fiber Laser Cutting System For New Jersey Fabrication Facility

EVS Metal, Inc. a leading American precision metal fabricator, has acquired a new Amada Fiber Laser (LCG 3015 AJ) for their Riverdale, New Jersey facility. This versatile laser cutting system features some of the latest technology available for the completion of machining processes, allowing EVS to fabricate even quick-turn prototypes with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Riverdale, NJ (PRWEB) - EVS Metal, Inc has acquired a new Amada Fiber Laser (LCG 3015 AJ) for their Riverdale, New Jersey facility. This machine features some of the latest technology available for the completion of metal fabrication processes, including a high-speed cutting head, a helical rack and pinion drive system and an intuitive AMNC 3i Control touchscreen -- the fastest and most-responsive display Amada produces.

"The decision to invest in the Amada LCG 3015 AJ Fiber Laser was not taken lightly," said Joseph Amico, EVS Metal's co-founder and vice president, "but the quality and versatility of the machine in comparison to other options currently at market made the choice an easy one."

First and foremost, the LCG 3015 AJ laser system was designed specifically to handle high-speed, high-precision metal fabrication operations, a benefit of the increased sensing speed engineered into the specially-designed cutting head. This level of precision will also improve edge quality, and broaden the scope of material that can be cut at our NJ facility, which will now include both copper and brass. The Amada Fiber Laser prioritizes operator safety by utilizing a sectionalized dust collection system. Finally, Amada has been careful to consider environmental impact as well; the machine runs on ⅓ of the electricity required by the same wattage CO2 laser system, and it is three times more efficient with the electricity it does use. Surprisingly, all of these features have been integrated into a smaller overall footprint, so it takes up less valuable shop floor space.

What does this mean for EVS Metal’s customers? The incredible speed of the Amada Fiber Laser will allow projects to be turned around even faster than they already are, including product prototypes. The machine’s quick setup will grant the EVS team greater flexibility to service clients who require very low volume production runs coupled with a higher product mix. Savings associated with lower energy consumption, and fewer parts that may require costly maintenance or replacement like those typically associated with CO2 lasers, mean lower costs, which ultimately benefits those whom EVS Metal serves.

The Amada LCG 3015 AJ is expected to be up and running quickly, and with its debut, EVS Metal will stand ready to take on the challenge of most any type of complex, high-precision cutting and machining project, from prototype to production run, efficiently and cost-effectively.

About EVS Metal: EVS Metal provides end-to-end manufacturing and logistics services to companies throughout the United States. A leading metal fabrication, machining and finishing shop, EVS also offers integration services, various stocking programs and design engineering support. EVS Metal is a privately held corporation, headquartered with a manufacturing facility in Riverdale, New Jersey and with additional facilities in Pflugerville, TX, Keene, NH and East Stroudsburg, PA. Recognized for its world-class manufacturing processes, EVS has enjoyed tremendous growth, fueled by a commitment to both quality and customer service. For more information, please visit

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