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Osaka Gas Chemicals Has Released A Special Silicone Coating. To Be Displayed At ‘Highly-Functional PAINT & COATINGS EXPO TOKYO' (At Makuhari Messe) In December!


Silicera Coat 8011 will be displayed at the "Highly-functional PAINT & COATINGS EXPO TOKYO" (at Makuhari Messe) in December.

Details of Highly-functional PAINT & COATINGS EXPO TOKYO
Date: December 5 to 7, 2018
Venue: Makuhari Messe
Booth number: No.44-51
Official site URL:

Osaka Gas Chemicals showed Silicera Coat 8011 featuring high-hardness superior to that of fluororesin and improved non-sticking durability at the Highly-functional PAINT & COATINGS EXPO OSAKA (at Intex Osaka) in May, receiving inquiries from more than 500 companies related to food, sanitation, electronics and vehicles.

[Finishing method of Silicera Coat 8011]
Silicera Coat 8011 is available in two coating types - two-coat type (primer and top coat) and single-coat type.

1. Single-coat finishing
The single-coat type is finished with only a base coat and, as such, is suitable for workability-focused jobs.
Since there is no top coat, it has a matte black finish.

2. Two-coat finishing
As for two-coat finishing, the top coat is applied on the base coat on a wet-on-wet basis.
It has a metallic black finish.

[Features of the Silicera Coat]
Having good non-stick properties, Silicera Coat 8011 is also excellent in sliding properties with a static friction coefficient of 0.18 μs and a dynamic friction coefficient of 0.11 μk.

[Silicera Coat 8011 coating specifications]
(1)   8011BK-AS (base coat A)   3 kg
(2)   8011TM-AS (top coat A)   3 kg
(3)   8011BS (solution B, common)   2 kg

- Mix base coat A and top coat A with solution B (common) at a 3:1 ratio.
- Agitate the mixture for three hours or more.
- Spray Silicera Coat (wet on wet) onto a substrate and place it in a drying furnace for a baked finish (at 100°C to 250°C).
* Shot-blast the substrates to be coated as pretreatment.

[Examples of application]
- Heat sealing plates (mold releasing, heat resistance)
- Guides and covers (prevention of adhesion)
- CFRP rollers (non-stick)
- Rollers (non-stick, abrasion resistance)

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