Sentinel Clear™ with ArmorFlex® Material


The Sentinel Clear™ hood supports a broad range of pharmaceutical processing operations. The hood is designed for comfortable, non-encumbering use over long operating periods. When combined with the Sentinel XL™ PAPR blower and NIOSH-approved cartridges, it provides protection from airborne particulates, aerosols, and organic and acid gas vapors.

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Sentinel Clear™ Hood FAQ’s
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Benefits of the Panoramic Hood

  • Clear hood provides 320° panoramic field of view
  • APF of 1000 provided
  • The 8 scfm (230 lpm) of air supplied is above the NIOSH minimum of 6 scfm (170 lpm)
  • Air distribution plenum improves comfort
  • Adhesive tab system keeps hood in place even while bending. Patent pending
  • Unique Skirt/exhaust system fully inflates suit to deliver improved protection and comfort.
  • Safety glasses and hard hats are readily accommodated
  • Elimination of neckdam improves comfort
  • No suspension system increases comfort and eliminates sizing concerns.