Professional Hand Cleaner

Source: BioChem Systems, Inc

Professional Hand Cleaner
Industrial Strength Toughness But Gentle to Skin...

Industrial Strength Toughness But Gentle to Skin

Formulated For Tough Cleaning Tasks
• Biodegradable
• Non-toxic
• Non-corrosive

It's tough. Bio T Professional Hand Cleaner With Pumice Quickly Liquefies and Removes:

• adhesives
• asphalt
• bearing grease
• concrete residue
• diesel fuel
• dirt
• gasoline
• fish oil and other odors
• motor oil
• paint
• printers ink
• shellac
• tar
• other stubborn substances

It's The Essential On-The-Job Hand Cleaner For:

• assembly workers
• construction workers
• machinists
• mechanics
• painters
• printers
• any worker who needs a fast, attentive hand cleaner

It Makes Clean Up Quick And Easy.

Used with or without water, Bio T Professional Hand Cleaner with pumice liquefies and loosens grime instantly.

Will Not Harm Skin Or Cause Irritation.

• Contains five active skin conditioners (aloe vera, jojoba, vitamin C, glycerin, wheat germ extract)to prevent drying, cracking and chapping.
• Rinses easily and will not leave a sticky or oily residue.
• Leaves hands with a clean, fresh citrus scent.

Safe For Workers And The Environment. Eliminates Regulatory Concerns.

Bio T Professional Hand Cleaner with Pumice is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of petroleum distillates It improves worker safety and ensures that environmentally harmful substances do not get washed down the drain. It is the eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based hand cleaners.

It's Cost Effective and Available In Several Economical Sizes:

- 22-oz. tubes (12 per case)
- 1-gallon flat-top containers (4 per case)
- drop-in replacement for competitive brands
- dispensers available

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