News | September 21, 2020

SOLARCELLCOTE Offered By Liquiguard


Liquiguard Technologies is excited to announce the introduction of SOLARCELLCOTE, a polymer based, nano particle, proprietary formulation innovated to produce a crystal clear tough and extremely resistant coating. With an average DFT (dry film thickness) of less than 5 microns it enhances the impact resistance of glass and plastic surfaces without impeding solar energy transmission. While technical coverage per gallon is approximated to be 2500 square feet, actual coverage is expected at 3000 plus square feet. A single application will provide protection for five plus years.

SOLARCELLCOTE is an ideal protective coating for solar panels as it literally takes away the need for ongoing maintenance while helping enhance performance by way of electrical energy output. The fully cured SOLARCELLCOTE coating is practically indestructible. The coating surface is extremely hydrophobic, oleophobic and ice phobic and resists adhesion of air borne dirt and grime. The solar panel surfaces are kept clean and productive by the action of wind currents and rain showers thus eliminating the need to access roof and similar structures for maintenance. When treated with SOLARCELLCOTE the aluminum or steel metal framing structure of the panels is also protected against oxidation and corrosion due to weather exposure.

SOLARCELLCOTE can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping or wiping. A single coat application is all that is required. The coating is an air dry material and the treated surface can be handled in 45 minutes to an hour depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Optimal cross linking will occur in approximately 72 hours at which time the surface will develop all intrinsic properties. Correctly coated SOLARCELLCOTE should have an average service life of five plus years. Re-coating of a SOLARCELLCOTE coated surface is only possible after application of a Liquiguard primer, UniBond-120.

SOLARCELLCOTE is packaged in quart, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. SOLARCELLCOTE is available for immediate sales. Reseller, Dealer and Distributor inquiries are welcome for this unique product for which substantial demand is anticipated due to the many benefits gained by its simple application and lasting performance. It will also eliminate the work, cost and hazards related to maintenance of solar panels on roofs and other tall structures.

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