News | March 1, 2018

Sterling Crane Implements Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating On Fleet Of Cranes

Brighton, MI /PRNewswire/ - Sterling Crane is one of the world's leading crane rental companies, owned by Marmon Crane Services / Berkshire Hathaway Company. Organizations like Sterling spend thousands of dollars per asset to protect against corrosion, scratching, chemical attack and weathering. Previously, many of these high‐value assets were painted using conventional paint materials that aren't designed to withstand long‐term weathering and harsh use.

Nano‐Clear® Industrial Coating was chosen by Sterling to dramatically improve corrosion resistance, surface hardness, chemical and UV resistance for its painted steel assets. Conventional one and two‐component paint systems, including epoxy and polyurethane top‐coatings, provide good "initial" corrosion resistance and adhesion, but they fall short in long‐term UV resistance. This is important because UV rays break down the molecular bonds of the paint's polymer network, causing surface chalking, decreased abrasion resistance and paint discoloration, which all lead to corrosion issues.

According to Nanovere's CTO, Thomas Choate, "Nano‐Clear® dramatically improves corrosion, scratch, chemical and UV resistance of painted steel assets, while reducing surface maintenance by 50%. Nano‐Clear® significantly reduces costly repaint cycles by dramatically extending the surface life of painted assets".

According to Al MacDonell, Manager with Sterling Crane, "We initially heard about Nano‐Clear® (NCI) from one of our Berkshire Hathaway sister companies and how much they liked it. Shortly thereafter, we ordered NCI and put it to the test. We picked a handful of cranes where the paint was heavily faded and spray-applied NCI. Being very impressed with the initial results, we then proceeded to test additional cranes. One of the initial concerns we had was if NCI was going to hold its shine and not fade out after a year or so.

Nano‐Clear® has performed as advertised as these crane units continue to look as good as the day we applied Nano‐Clear® (2 years ago). One of the things I'm most impressed with is how easy it is to use. Simply wash, degrease, mask and spray-apply the NCI. By using NCI, we've saved thousands of dollars restoring vs. repainting our cranes. I must also mention the quality personnel and service we've received from Assero Industrial Coatings (distributors of Nano‐Clear®) and Nanovere. We look forward to continuing the use of Nano‐Clear®".

Nano‐Clear® coatings are used by international corporations such as: Chevron, OSG America, Pemex, Coca-Cola, Toshiba, Praxair, and Royal Caribbean. Interested parties may call 888-588-6986 or email

SOURCE: Assero Industrial Coatings

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