Newsletter | October 19, 2007

Surface Newsletter: X-Rite Gets Patent And Unveils In-Line Spectrophotometer For Industry
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X-Rite Gets Patent And Unveils In-Line Spectrophotometer For Industry
X-Rite Inc. introduces its VeriColor Spectro instrument that provides highly accurate, colormetric measurements under demanding factory environments for a price less than $20,000...

Applied Chemical Laboratories Introduces A Non-Corrosive, BEOL Post Etch Residue Remover For sub-90 nm Semiconductor Manufacturing
Semiconductor chip manufacturers now can realize significant improvement in removal of post-etch hardened polymers and polymer residue from metal and via etch processes. The breakthrough is achieved through the use of a new non-corrosive, environmentally benign post-etch residue remover developed by Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc. ACL-585 HiPER-Solv (patents pending) is a high performance etch residue solvent that provides reduced cost of ownership, superior performance, and prevents corrosion when compared with conventional hydroxylamine or solvent-amine products. ACL-585 is specifically formulated for advanced sub-90 nm design rules that incorporate high density plasma etch...

Shell Develops Grease For Severe Applications
Plain and rolling element bearings operating under heavy loads and extremely slow speeds require a tough lubricating film that helps reduce wear by keeping bearing surfaces separated...

DS8000 Products Engineered For Abrasive And Corrosive Compounds
Davis-Standard, LLC recently added to its bi-metallic barrel lining product series to support applications with highly abrasive and corrosive properties...

Chrysler LLC Gives Global Approval To PPG Waterborne Refinish Systems
Chrysler LLC has approved the PPG Envirobase High Performance and Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat systems from PPG Automotive Refinish for all of its repair facilities globally...

Garlock HYDRA-JUST Sealing System Provides Alternative To Mechanical Seals
Garlock Sealing Technologies, a leader in fluid sealing technology for more than 100 years, has developed the leak-free, no-dilution HYDRA-JUST Sealing System. This patent-pending system replaces mechanical seals in virtually any industrial pumping application; it is especially suited to hostile, abrasive environments and eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure...

New ‘Breakthrough' Long-Life Color-Fast Opera Silicon Quarzo Paint Line Introduced
A new "breakthrough" paint that lasts twice as long as other coatings and does not fade is being introduced in the United States by DDK Industries, Inc., of Los Angeles, under its new Opera Paints brand...

Eagle Roofing Products Introduces Certified Energy-Efficient Cool Roof Tile
A pioneering manufacturer in the growing movement to produce energy-efficient, "green" materials, Eagle Roofing Products, a division of Burlingame Industries, recently introduced its Cool Roof Tile line...

New Corr-Paint CP4090 High Temp Brown Coating Now Available
Corr-Paint CP4090, a new high temperature, brown-pigmented coating developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now offered for providing corrosion protection and color identification on large aluminum and steel structures found in the power plant, oil refining, chemical processing and steel industries for applications to 1100 °F (593 ºC)...

Composite Advantage Uses Modified Processing Techniques To Produce Large Composite Structural Panels
Composite Advantage LLC (CA) has developed modified processing techniques and combined them with a patented core material to manufacture cost-effective, large Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite parts for structurally demanding applications...

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Eco-Tec's Aluminum Finishing Solutions
Cost effective systems that REDUCE chemical and waste treatment costs, and IMPROVE the performance of the finishing solutions. Eco-Tec offers products that enable aluminum finishers to continuously recycle etching, anodizing and brightening solutions...

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Application Note: Colorimetry: How to Measure Color Differences
Colorimetry, the science of color measurement, is widely employed in commerce, industry and the laboratory to express color in numerical terms and to measure color differences between specimens...
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