News | August 17, 2010

Synthetic Surface Solution For Decks, Looks And Feels Like Wood, At 2010 Deck Expo


ProFekt is backed by a 15-year warranty and bonds directly to the wood surface using professional construction adhesive. ProFekt has the look and feel of real wood and will be at the 2010 DeckExpo in Baltimore, MD, September 15-17, at Booth #6332.

United Plastics Corporation, of Mt. Airy, NC, is launching ProFekt, a do-it-yourself surface solution designed to preserve wooden dock, deck and patio surfaces without losing the look and feel of real wood. ProFekt installs directly onto the dock surface to eliminate direct air and water contact with the surface of the wood. ProFekt originally began as a solution for boat deck surfaces. Now, ProFekt revitalizes old docks by installing directly onto the surface of the wood and bonding to it. ProFekt is backed by a 15-year warranty and bonds directly to the wood surface using professional construction adhesive. ProFekt will be at the 2010 DeckExpo in Baltimore, MD, September 15-17, at Booth #6332.

ProFekt received terrific response at the 2010 International Builders' Show, National Hardware Show and numerous home shows throughout the country. ProFekt is currently available at and throughout Home Depot stores in the San Diego, Washington D.C. areas and throughout the Carolinas. More information about ProFekt can be found at

ProFekt is designed to revitalize old docks, decks and patios, making them look and feel new again without the need for power washing, staining, painting or complete reconstruction and rebuilding of an existing dock or deck. ProFekt will also preserve new decks and patios by eliminating direct contact with moisture and the elements. The manufacturer is offering a 15 year warranty for every proper ProFekt installation.

"The surface of a deck is what tends to deteriorates first," says Jack Nagy, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for United Plastics Corp. "Installing ProFekt will double and even triple the life of decks and patios with minimal maintenance for years to come. You get a new-looking deck that looks and feels like wood without the splinters. It's great for docks, too. Rather than doing a total rebuild, you can easily install this synthetic material. It's a no-slip surface that feels just like real wood."

The natural mineral aspect of ProFekt's composition eliminates slipping issues in plastic composite decking where wood fiber and wood-filler is used. ProFekt is constructed of marine-grade PVC that does not leech when in contact with water. The natural mineral composition eliminates splinters while creating a non-slip surface in both wet and dry environments while reducing the possibility of mold and mildew growth.

An ultraviolet ray stabilizer is integrated into ProFekt to enhance color stability and reduce fading. An antifungal treatment is added to combat moisture intrusion and prevent mildew and mold.

"ProFekt is a very simple way to give docks, decks and patios a makeover," says Nagy. "It installs quickly and hides unsightly boards while protecting them from further damage. Plus, it looks and feels like real wood and comes in four different finishes."

ProFekt is a flexible surface that is completely recyclable and contains recycled material. For easy installation, Profekt can be cut with a simple razor knife to the desired measurements. Then, ProFekt is placed on the surface of existing dock boards. Premium construction adhesive is used to adhere Profekt to existing decks. Finishing nails should be tacked into the ends of each piece for proper installation.

Time-lapse, testimonial and demo videos of the new, ProFekt deck product from United Plastics Corp. can be seen at You can also become a fan on Facebook, just search "ProFekt." Find ProFekt at the 2010 DeckExpo, September 15-17 in Baltimore, MD at Booth #6332.

The United Plastics Corporation has been creating innovative, plastics-based products in Mt. Airy, NC for over 50 years. They utilize knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art extrusion equipment to create cost-effective, sustainable products.

SOURCE: United Plastics Corporation