Current Headlines

  1. Cold Jet Launches New R1000H Dry Ice Pellet-To-Slice Reformer

    To understand growing customer needs, Cold Jet - the worldwide leading manufacturer of high performance, reliable dry ice cleaning and production equipment – developed the new R1000H pellet-to-slice reformer.

  2. Technology Meets Sustainability – ZI-NI Bath Of An Infinite Operationality

    Zinc-Nickel plating established itself in the last years to be the gold standard for corrosion protection of steel parts in various industries. Alkaline Zinc-Nickel plating in particular is unmatched in its performance and sustainability due to low metal concentrations in the bath, superior metal- and alloy-distribution and, as a consequence, very reliable corrosion protection.

  3. Chet Morrison Contractors Provides Long-Lasting Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coating Services For Protection Of Steel Structures

    Chet Morrison Contractors (Morrison) announced it is providing Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coating services in-house at its ISO certified facilities

  4. Hexion To Introduce New Hybrid Epoxy/Polysiloxane Resin At American Coatings Show

    Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) will showcase a new hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane resin during the 2018 American Coatings Show that offers superior performance in protective coatings

  5. Brenntag North America, Inc. Announces A New Partnership With StanChem Polymers

    Brenntag North America, Inc., part of Brenntag Group, the global market leader in chemical distribution, announces a new partnership with StanChem Polymers for the distribution of emulsion polymers in the United States ACES market.

  6. INOX Introduces CeraMax, The Industry’s First Ceramic-Coated Door Hardware

    INOX®, creator of innovative and premium decorative hardware and door locks for more than 25 years, debuts CeraMax™—a line of ceramic-coated door hardware for designers, architects and homeowners looking for a finish option that prevents deterioration due to harsh environments, including salt spray, oxidation, humidity and ultraviolet light. INOX is the first and only door hardware manufacturer to offer this finish option.

  7. Titan Introduces RX-Apex Airless Spray Gun

    Titan is redefining airless spraying once again with the introduction of another premium airless gun – the RX-Apex™. Rated for up to 5,000 PSI, this best-in-class gun provides unmatched spraying performance for high volume residential and commercial painters, as well as high performance protective coatings (HPPC) contractors.

  8. Chemetall® Opens A New Laboratory In Querétaro, México

    The Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF's Coatings division, operating under the Chemetall brand, opens a new state-of-the-art laboratory at its 38,700-square foot manufacturing and office facility in Queretaro; Querétaro, Mexico

  9. NEI Corporation Introduces UV-Protect Technology To NANOMYTE® Coating Line

    NEI Corporation recently announced that it has introduced UV-Protect (UVP) technology to formulate enhanced versions of its popular NANOMYTE® coating products, which offer unique functionalities in coatings with unparalleled durability

  10. Wagner SprayTech Announces Next Generation FLEXiO Paint Sprayers

    Wagner SprayTech, a market leader in advanced paint applicators, announced today the next generation of FLEXiO™ paint sprayers. There are four new models: FLEXiO™ 2000, FLEXiO™ 3000, FLEXiO™ 4000, and FLEXiO™ 5000