• Copper Ball Anodes This company, which is comprised of several manufacturers, specializes in a very wide range of metals needed by the metal finishing industry, from brass anode nuggets to zinc bars. Accessories such as anode baskets and titanium baskets are also available
  • Condensation-based Dehumidification System This company’s condensation-based (refrigerant) dehumidification unit chills the air below its dew point, causing moisture to form as condensation on the cold surface of the cooling coil, thereby removing water from the air
  • Purchase Order Financing Purchase order (P.O.) financing is the buying and selling of commercial purchase orders (received from business or government) at a discount
  • Masking Products for High-Temperature Applications Mocap’s line of high-temperature polyester tapes and discs are capable of withstanding temperatures to 425°F for approximately one hour