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  • Desuperheater Direct Water Spray Upstream
    Desuperheater Direct Water Spray Upstream These desuperheater units direct water spray upstream
  • CleanTech 2000: Heat Cleaning Ovens The BB Series medium-size ovens are designed for thermal cleaning of hydrocarbon-based materials coated on metallic parts
  • Oil/Water Separator for Recycling
    Oil/Water Separator for Recycling The ACG Coalescer takes advantage of the “basic principle” of coalescence to hasten the separation of oil from water according to gravity
  • Panasonic Toughbook-19
    Panasonic Toughbook-19 With one quick swivel, the wireless Toughbook 19 transforms from a fully-rugged, maximum-performance notebook PC to a fully-rugged, handwriting-friendly tablet PC. Take handwritten notes, mark and edit documents, and draw diagrams. It even converts handwriting to printed text. The Toughbook 19 — tough times two.
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