• Introducing: Rocklinizer® Automation

    Rocklin Manufacturing (Sioux City, Iowa) introduces the first turnkey automation solution to its Rocklinizer® carbide application equipment line, Rocklinizer® Automation.

  • Picosun To Introduce Novel Coating Solution For Organic Electronics

    There has been a need for enhanced coating methods in organic electronic manufacturing as foldable phones and other future product iterations need materials that are lighter, more reliable and enable folding and stretching of a device. Thus, the use of thin film encapsulation solutions has become more common in organic electronic manufacturing.

  • A Step Toward ‘Living Biotherapeutics’

    The human gut is home to thousands of species of bacteria, and some of those bacteria have the potential to treat a variety of gastrointestinal diseases. Some species may help to combat colon cancer, while others could help treat or prevent infections such as C. difficile.

  • aap Starts The World's First Human Clinical Study For Antibacterial Silver Coating Technology On Anatomical Plates And Screws For Fracture Treatment

    The aap Implantate AG ( " aap " or "Company") announces that clinical human study was started for their innovative antibacterial silver coating technology on yesterday. The University Clinic in Regensburg is the first test center to be equipped with the appropriate study materials and trained to perform operations with the company's silver-coated implants as part of the study.

  • Nickel Boron Coating Plant In Southeast Florida Marks Largest In North America

    Over 20 years ago, Universal Chemical Technologies, later known as UCT Coatings, developed an advanced, proprietary formulation of nickel boron to be applied as a coating and plating surface across a wide range of industrial applications. Since those beginnings, the company has evolved into an industry leader, now holding the distinction of having the largest nickel boron (NiB) coating line in North America.