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  • Abrasive Wool
    Abrasive Wool Abrasive wool is the most significant abrasive innovation in decades. Imagine a combination of ordinary steel wool and non-woven abrasive "hand pads," and you have abrasive wool, the most conformable and flexible abrasive on the market. Abrasive wool can be used in areas not easily reached by other abrasive tools, will not rust, and can be used and reused. Unlike hand pads which are difficult to tear, abrasive wool can be torn and shaped to order. It is also safer than steel wool, as it can not conduct electricity and pose a fire hazard.
  • Trivalent Chromate with Top Coat Lanthane 300 is a new two-step, trivalent chromate plus top coat process over alkaline zinc that meets automotive specifications for the reduction of hexchrome, without the loss of corrosion resistance
  • Large Capacity Centrifugal Machines
    Large Capacity Centrifugal Machines These machines deburr and edge contour complex rotating parts such as turbine disks very rapidly, replacing manual deburr sequences with automated machine cycles of a few minutes. . .
  • RA 42 X 24 FLIP TOP
    RA 42 X 24 FLIP TOP 100 CFM Dust Collector, Regulator & Gauge, Door Safety Switch, Fluorescent Lighting
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