• Stoneguard Stoneguard is a penetrating sealer that protects the interior of all natural stones, grout, and tiles. It helps prevent staining and mildew growth while repelling both water and oil. Stoneguard does not cause discoloration and it is perfect for both interior and exterior use.
  • Electroplating Control System DynaComm II is an electroplating control system consisting of an Operator Interface (OI) for parameter entry and display, and a Control Server (CS) to control and monitor the rectifiers
  • SUR/FIN 2000: Lighter-weight Transport System The Adroit ATH/750 model transport system is driven by a TENV 90 servo control motor operating via an aramid fiber-reinforced polyurethane belt
  • Aluminum Contact Bar for Large Part Anodizing An new all-aluminum contact bar designed to increase productivity on large surface area piece part runs is now available