News | May 14, 2010

A&D Re-Introduces Advanced Viscometers


SV-10/100 Tuning Fork Vibration Viscometers Provide Superior Accuracy

San Jose, CA--(Marketwire) - A&D announces the re-launch of the SV-10 and SV-100, its revolutionary advanced viscometers. By incorporating A&D's tuning fork vibration method, the SV-10/100 outperforms other viscometers in precision and in the taking of difficult measurements such as found in samples with low viscosity or foam. This unique viscometer is ideal for ink, paint, food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, oil, paper, or any viscometry application that requires high accuracy and fast response time.

The SV-10/100 utilizes a patent-pending tuning fork vibration method that takes the uncertainty out of viscosity measurement. This exclusive technology provides a superior measurement with a 1% accuracy of reading (full range) and a wide viscosity range of 0.3 cP to 10,000 cP (10 P to 1000 P for the SV-100) without the need to change sensor plates. Response time is 2-3 seconds, and the standard temperature sensor constantly monitors temperature compensation.

Unlike most other vibration viscometers, the SV-10/100 can be calibrated quickly and easily. Operation is simple and automatic with just a press of one button. Due to the unique measuring system, process monitoring, foam samples, and even non-Newtonian fluids can be measured with accuracy.

The SV-10/100 comes standard with an RS-232C interface for connection to a printer or computer. WinCT-Viscosity® data acquisition and analysis software allows automatic data collection of viscosity and temperature measurements with real-time graphic displays.

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About A&D
A&D, an ISO 9002 certified company, designs and manufactures a complete line of electronic balances, scales, viscometers, weighing indicators and controllers for pharmacy, laboratory, food service and industrial applications, as well as advanced electronic blood pressure monitoring equipment for both home health care and professional markets. Founded in 1977, A&D is a multinational company with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, and the United States.