News | December 3, 2008

Adwest Provides Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Point Source VOCs

Source: Adwest Technologies, Inc.

Adwest Technologies' RETOX Dual Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) provide cost effective 99% and greater VOC Abatement for point source VOC abatement applications starting at 500 scfm and greater. Corrosion resistant ceramic heat transfer media rated at 95% effective primary heat recovery provides fuel free operation at 3% LEL and greater inlet VOC loadings to the RTO system. Compact, shop assembled, skid mounted, prepiped and wired RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer modules are available from 500 to 80,000 cfm flowrates with low pressure drop ceramic heat transfer media. The compact RETOX Regenerative Thermal oxidizer modules can also be trailer mounted for mobile point source VOC abatement from petroleum, gas processing, chemical and soil remediation processes of 500-20,000 scfm flowrates.

Adwest has designed and installed over 700 RETOX RTO systems since 1988 including point source chemical, coatings, oil & gas processing, printing, flexo packaging, web converting, EPS molding, styrene, composites, paint finishing, spray coating, metal litho, biofuels and pharmaceutical processes. Custom designed Halogenated VOC RETOX RTO designs are also available for point source corrosive process gas streams. Contact Adwest Technologies, Inc. today for a confidential free proposal and point source energy analysis. Lease to own packages are also available to assist clients with project funding.

SOURCE: Adwest Technologies, Inc.