News | July 13, 2021

AOTCO Metal Finishing, LLC Announces New Plating On Magnesium Line

Billerica, MA /PRNewswire/ - AOTCO Metal Finishing, LLC, a leading national provider of specialty finishing services, announced today that it has launched a new production line for plating on magnesium.

"We're very excited to bring this process to our customers, after nearly a year of development," said Matt Smith, the company's President. "AOTCO is already well-known for plating on beryllium. The addition of magnesium to our capabilities gives our customers the option to utilize a wider spectrum of ultra-light metal substrates."

Because magnesium alloys are 30% to 40% lighter than aluminum, they are often used where weight is a critical factor such as the satellite, aerospace, defense, handheld devices, and automotive industries.

While magnesium offers many advantages, it can be challenging to plate correctly. To ensure customers receive the high quality and success rates they expect from AOTCO, the company has brought on a recognized industry expert to lead the process. Steve Rohrbacher has over 30 years of experience plating magnesium, first as Production Manager at American Electroplating, and then as President and Founder of Millennium Plating. Millennium Plating was the country's leading provider of plating on magnesium until its closing in 2020.

"We've spent decades developing proprietary chemistries and processes," Steve explained, "which we have now incorporated into a new, state-of-the-art line. This is a game changer for anyone who would want to utilize the properties of magnesium alloys in their machined or cast parts."

AOTCO is a NADCAP and ISO 13485 accredited specialty surface finisher that provides electroplating, anodizing, passivation, cleaning, custom masking, and laser marking services to advanced technology industries. Based in Massachusetts, AOTCO works for many of the best known industry prime and tier 2 / tier 3 manufacturers in the aerospace, satellite, defense, optics, medical device, electronic, semiconductor, and other research-driven industries.

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Source: AOTCO Metal Finishing

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