Automated Plating & Processing Systems

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Automated Plating & Processing Systems
HBS Equipment Corporation manufactures the widest range of automated plating and process systems
HBS Equipment Corporation manufactures the widest range of automated plating and process systems. Every system is designed with the user in mind and is exceptionally user friendly. All system components are designed and built in the best possible service location. Systems can be easily configured to your individual footprint requirements. Additionally, our industry-unique designs provide built-in secondary spill containment that now sets the standard for the industry. Computer controls are easy to use requiring virtually no computer training to load and run processes.

HBS Computer Controlled Hoist
The Automatic Sidearm Bridge (ASB) design combines the strength of bridge type hoists with the speed and flexibility of side-arm type hoists. HBS hoists are enclosed to both protect hoist components from exposure to fumes and to eliminate process contamination.

Easy Accessibility
A unique layout not usually found in other equipment is observed when you look along the back of an HBS plating system. Every system is designed with operations in mind...all components, piping, electrical, and other accessories are installed in locations that are easy to service and maintain.

The Computer Power You Need
HBS configures your system with a wide range of automatic controls...everything from simple PLC control to state-of-the-art touchscreen computer technology. Even our most powerful system designated Advanced Control Touchscreen System (ACTS) runs on common PC's using Windows or DOS operating systems.

Engineering Expertise
HBS system engineers, utilizing the industry's most extensive design database and supported with advanced CAD systems, work with your facilities and safety personnel to accurately translate generalized system requirements into a system design that meets or exceeds your requirements.

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