News | April 1, 2024

Axalta Building Products Unveils Zenamel Wood Coatings For Cabinets

New range of cutting-edge coatings enables major e6iciency gains for OEMs

Axalta Building Products, a market segment of Axalta Coating Systems, a global leader in coatings, proudly announces the launch of its new Zenamel range of solutions for the cabinet manufacturer market.

The unique formulations of the Zenamel range, which are based on cutting-edge coating technology, enable significant time savings during the application process along with unparalleled surface protection and aesthetics.

Comprising two distinct product lines, Zenamel SP and Zenamel T, the launch of the range has already been met with huge critical acclaim, with both products winning a prestigious Edison Award. The Edison Awards celebrate outstanding examples of innovation and are among the most respected accolades within new product design.

Zenamel SP is engineered to consolidate a conventional three coating finishing system into a single coating for outstanding performance and aesthetics. It is the only coating of its kind that o6ers the filling properties of a primer while also providing the moisture and chemical resistance of an enamel, without the need for a clear coat layer. By reducing the number of coats applied, Zenamel SP increases productivity, improves process yields and reduces the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) needed.

Zenamel T is designed for processing e6iciency and superior aesthetics. Only one coat of primer and enamel are needed compared to the standard four coats of competing solutions. Optimized to eliminate the need for two separate products for horizontal and vertical applications, Zenamel T saves cost and simplifies the manufacturing process. Wade Arnold, Vice President and General Manager of Axalta Building Products, said: "Our commitment to developing innovative wood coating solutions is at the heart of everything we do. Because of our investment in new technologies like the Zenamel range, OEMs can now reap major benefits in the form of operational e6iciencies and superior performance, as shown by our success at the Edison Awards.”

Source: Axalta