News | August 20, 2020

Axalta Launches Industry-Leading Waterborne Clearcoat Solution In Asia

Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, today released its breakthrough waterborne clearcoat solution in China. It will be launched in Korea and Japan later this year. Backed by cutting-edge coating technology, the new waterborne clearcoat aligns with Axalta’s sustainability commitment, while meeting the current needs in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese auto refinish market.

In the refinish market to date, waterborne technology application has only been possible for the basecoat layer. Axalta can now offer a more complete environmentally responsible solution for our customers with this waterborne clearcoat. This waterborne clearcoat reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions by up to 60% at the ready-to-spray level versus solventborne clearcoat solutions currently in the marketplace.

“Axalta’s innovation is backed by 150 years of expertise. Our waterborne clearcoat is at the frontier of refinish technology and is a breakthrough for the refinish coatings market,” said Robert Roop, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Axalta. “This product is one of many environmentally sustainable products that Axalta has introduced to the marketplace. This product reflects our commitment to a better world.”

In addition to the reduced VOCs, Axalta’s waterborne clearcoat system features many other technical advancements. It has excellent appearance, easier polishability and produces little odour.

“We are committed to being an innovation leader in the refinish market and this new product represents an upgrade for our customers and the entire industry,” commented Troy Weaver, Vice President, Global Refinish, Axalta. “We are very excited to bring our waterborne system to China, Korea and Japan. As demand for waterborne refinish coatings grows rapidly around the world, Axalta is committed to offering more environmentally responsible waterborne refinish products that will meet the demands of our customers, bringing more benefits to all.”

Source: Axalta Coating Systems