News | January 9, 2020

BASF Introduces MasterSeal 730 UVS Waterproofing Membrane For Integral Sealing Of Below Grade Structures

  • Innovative thick HDPE membrane to prevent lateral water and moisture migration by forming an integrated monolithic unit with freshly cast concrete
  • Easy and faster installation without specific tools and welding techniques
  • Unaffected by contamination and UV impacts, membrane is protected from extreme weather conditions

BASF introduces an innovative waterproofing membrane, MasterSeal 730 UVS in Asia, to expand its versatile waterproofing portfolio under its Master Builders Solutions brand. MasterSeal 730 UVS is a pre-applied, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet waterproofing membrane treated with unique pressure-sensitive adhesive and protective coating to enable good adhesion with concrete surfaces without requiring additional protective screed.

Being cold- and pre-applied, MasterSeal 730 UVS is easy to install without the need for heat or open flames and other special equipment. After the installation of steel reinforcement, it provides a durable and monolithic bond by forming an integral seal during the concrete pour. It remains fully adhered to the concrete and retains its performance even if there is ground settlement.

“Good waterproofing is the key factor in ensuring a structure’s longevity and durability. Careful consideration at the structural design stage can limit cracks, leaks and potentially serious structural damage over a building’s life cycle. MasterSeal 730 UVS waterproofing sheet membrane can be integrated into the structural design for below-ground structures to ensure durable water tightness and resist unwanted lateral water ingress,” said Nilotpol Kar, Head of Regional Business Segment, BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific. “Thanks to the waterproofing technology, the installation process is almost like an art-and-craft where you simply place and stick the membranes onto the concrete substrate. With the support of our expert team, structural detailing during the construction stage can be significantly improved by minimizing installation errors and site wastage.”

The unique bonding system utilizes an inorganic modified protective coating that provides dual adhesion to the concrete even after exposure to site contamination, heat and sun. MasterSeal 730 UVS and auxiliary materials (including adhesive tapes to ensure full bonding and easy to execute detailing) are environmentally and user-friendly waterproofing solution that greatly improves the overall installation process and enhances the safety of the applicators without the need of specific tools and equipment.

MasterSeal 730 UVS is used for below grade concrete in the construction of basement slabs in mixed-use development including commercial, residential, underground car parks, and industrial buildings, as well as cut and cover tunnels. The fully-bonded waterproofing system was first introduced to India in 2019, and more than 40,000 square meters have been installed in various residential and commercial projects to meet challenging specifications in Pune and Hyderabad. MasterSeal 730 UVS is now commercially available across Asia Pacific.

Source: BASF