News | April 30, 2024

BCF Launches New 'Eco' Paints Guide To Help Consumers Make Informed DIY Choices

  • The British Coatings Federation launches Demystifying ‘Eco’ Paints guide to help consumers better understand green credentials of paint this Bank Holiday
  • BCF seeking to address concerns around companies that may be making misleading claims to help make products stand out in a competitive marketplace
  • Handy online guide provides essential information for anyone keen to know more about the environmental qualities of paint
  • The BCF represents members across the coatings sector – including the vast majority of decorative paint manufacturers, 80 per cent of which are SMEs – which contributes £4B a year to the UK economy and employs 14,000 people across the country

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) has launched a new guide to help consumers better understand the environmental credentials of the paint they buy and to avoid being misled by unsubstantiated green claims.

In an ever more competitive marketplace, the BCF is concerned that some misleading or over-the-top green marketing claims are being made to make products stand out. Its new guide, Demystifying ‘Eco’ Paints, aims to inform and protect consumers and also help create a level playing field for the industry by debunking and fact-checking spurious assertions.

The BCF has launched its guide in time for the Bank Holiday weekend, prime time for DIY jobs to be done around the home meaning many people across the UK will be buying paint this weekend. The resource aims to help consumers make informed choices and provide practical information on the fundamentals of decorative paints, including what paints are made of, whether it is recyclable, whether it contains plastic, and whether it is a sustainable product. It also addresses whether companies can truly claim paint products are ‘eco’, ‘VOC-free’, ‘natural’ or ‘non-toxic’.

Addressing the vague term of ‘eco’ used by some paint companies, the guide makes clear that it is important for companies making these kinds of statements about their products to be precise about what they mean by this. It explains that most decorative paints are water-based and will therefore have very high sustainability credentials. When green claims are made about a product it is important that they are backed up by evidence, the guide explains.

Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive of the BCF, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our Demystifying ‘Eco’ Paints resource. We are sadly seeing an increased number of unsubstantiated ‘green’ claims about paint that are likely to mislead environmentally-conscious consumers. So, it is important that facts are made available for people about to buy paint, especially ahead of DIY spikes like over Bank Holiday weekends.

“It is important to remember that terms like ‘eco’, ‘natural’ and ‘non-toxic’ don’t mean anything on their own and need to be supported by evidence. Our guide aims to both protect consumer interests and create a level playing field for the industry around a topic that is not always easy to fact check. I would encourage interested consumers to read our dedicated web resource over the coming days.”

The launch of the Demystifying Eco Paints guide follows the success of the BCF’s Green Claims Guide, launched in March 2022.

Consumers can also view the BCF video guide on how to clean your rollers and brushes sustainably.

Source: British Coatings Federation Ltd