News | November 25, 2020

Beardow Adams Introduce Eco-Friendly One-Layer Anti-Graffiti Coating

Global adhesive manufacturer Beardow Adams has created a one coat sacrificial coating that protects buildings and structures from graffiti and environmental pollution.

Usually known for their hot-melt and water-based adhesives, Beardow Adams is advertising an enhanced version of their environmentally-friendly anti-graffiti coating Naturacoat.

Manufactured in Beardow Adams’ Swedish facility, Naturacoat is a 100% natural sacrificial coating system made from vegetable polysaccharides and water.

The product is sprayed onto surfaces such as natural stone, brickwork, and ceramics through a dry air system, leaving a thin, virtually see-through film behind. If the surface is graffitied upon, the coating can be washed away with a high-pressure hot water spray (60-70°).

Many anti-graffiti coatings on the market are effective after two coats however Beardow Adams has introduced Naturacoat SC 30 which only requires a single coat.

Naturacoat is manufactured to protect private and public locations as well as historical and high-profile buildings from graffiti and environmental pollution such as smog and is favoured for its see-through appearance in comparison to wax coatings.

The biodegradable coating has a proven track record with over four million square metres of buildings already protected with Naturacoat including the Museum of Scotland and Brandenburg Gate.

Source: Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce Limited