News | December 16, 2011

CenterLine Introduces The SST Series EP Cold Spray System

CenterLine Introduces The SST Series EP Cold Spray System

CenterLine is very pleased to announce another expansion of its Supersonic Spray Technologies (SST) product line with the addition of the SST Series EP Cold Spray system. The Series EP's enhanced features enable users to spray with increased performance and / or productivity using an expanded range of coating materials. This system is ideal for applications requiring higher coating deposition rates, higher deposition efficiency, and greater bond strengths.

With the SST Series EP Cold Spray system, cold spray metal coatings can be applied at operating pressures between 7 to 35 bars (100-500 psi). Material choices include: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys (AA7075, AA6061, AA4047, etc.), Inconel, Invar, MCrAIY, Nickel & Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel (304, 316), and Titanium & Titanium Alloys (Ti6AI4V) to name a few.

The SST Series EP Cold Spray equipment comes complete with portable cabinet, HMI controls, pressurized feeder and robotic style spray gun.

Contact CenterLine today for additional information or visit our SST website at to learn about our complete Cold Spray product line and capabilities.

CenterLine's Supersonic Spray Technology Division designs & manufactures a full range of patented coldspray metal coating systems for the aerospace, defense, glass and automotive industries.

Cold spray is a cost effective and practical coating process that is considered part of the Thermal Sprayfamily. The cold spray process enables users to apply robust metal coatings to a wide range of surfaces without ever melting the coating materials or the substrate. Coating characteristics include extremely low oxide entrapment, high densities and high bond / cohesive strengths. They are also extremely machineable (with conventional tooling), have thin or thick build characteristics and are accepting of dissimilar materials with no galvanic reactions

SOURCE: CenterLine