Ceramic/Ceramic Composites Powders

Source: Exotherm Corporation
Exotherm is a developer and manufacturer of ceramic and ceramic composites powders...
Exotherm is a developer and manufacturer of advanced powder materials and coatings. Our products are used in wide variety applications including wear and corrosion resistance materials, refractory and abrasives.

We offer the following special ceramic and ceramic composites powders:

Molybdenum Borides MoB, MoB2
Chromium Borides CrB, CrB2
Zirconium Carbide ZrC
Zirconium Boride ZrB2
Hafnium Carbide HfC
Hafnium Boride HfB2
Magnesium Boride MgB2
Composites ZrC/SiC
Composites ZrB2/SiC
Composites HfC/SiC
Composites HfB2/SiC
Aluminum Oxide Encapsulated by  TiN  
Silicon Carbide, Encapsulated by Metals: Ti, Zr, Nb, Ta, Cr, Mo, W

Please contact us if you need a special composition of ceramic powders.