News | March 11, 2010

CHLOR*RID To Demo Chlor*Ion Meter At NACE Corrosion Conference

Digitally Measures Corrosive Chloride for More Accurate Testing Used in Workboats, Bridges, Aircraft, Tanks, Dams, Ships & Highway DOTs

San Antonio, TX - CHLOR*RID International, Inc., the world's leading source of soluble salt testing and soluble salt removal products, announced recently that it will be demonstrating the Chlor*Ion Meter at the NACE Corrosion 2010 Conference & Expo, Booth #2232, held in San Antonio, TX next week, March 14-18, 2010. Chlor*Ion Meter is a patent-pending hand-held digital testing device that electronically measures chloride with an internal ion specific electrode for accurate worry-free testing.

Designed specifically for the surface preparation industry, Chlor*Ion Meter tests for dangerous chloride contamination and corrosion on surfaces in workboats, highways, bridges, railroads, aircraft, ships, dams, and tanks. It simply revolutionizes Chloride testing for safer corrosion-free surfaces, employing an internal ion-specific electrode for more rugged field use. Extremely accurate, Chlor*Ion Meter's ion electrode measures chloride with lab quality results every time.

Digitally Measures Chloride Removing Operator Error

Based on CHLOR*RID's popular Chlor*Test, the Chlor*Ion Meter digitally measures chloride in surfaces, removing operator error caused when either the testing tube is not read correctly or results are recorded incorrectly. In addition, Chlor*Ion Meter dramatically reduces the cost per test by eliminating the need for a glass titrator tube as needed with non-digital tests. Record keeping is far faster, easier and more accurate.

Chlor*Ion Meter Features:

  • Logs job name or number and location of test with an alpha numeric keypad (uses either numbers or letters).
  • All readings are recorded electronically for lab-quality accuracy.
  • Data is downloadable to a spreadsheet, such as Excel.
  • Downloaded data includes job identification, location, date and time.
  • Connects via USB to any computer.
  • Readings are secure as the operator cannot change or delete them.
  • Logs inspector name or number.
  • Works on any non-water soluble surface, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals or concrete.
  • Patent-pending.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Developed and manufactured by CHLOR*RID International, Inc., Chlor*Ion Meter will be available Q2 2010. For more info, see website or email .

SOURCE: CHLOR*RID International,