News | March 5, 2024

Clariant To Showcase Its Sustainably Evolved Coatings At The American Coatings Show 2024

  • The Clariant booth 2846 will display the company’s solutions for sustainability, performance, and innovation in coatings, paints, and ink formulations
  • Experts will be available during the show to discuss customized wetting and dispersing agents, as well as solutions to extend paint open time
  • Three polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-free additives will also be featured, including Ceridust 8170 M, Ceridust 8330 and the Licocare RBW product line

Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemical company, is excited to bring a range of innovative paint and coatings products to the American Coatings Show 2024, the leading North American coatings industry event. Clariant’s technical experts will be presenting industry-leading solutions that minimize environmental footprints and maximize product performance, while meeting or surpassing the latest regulatory requirements.

“Clariant is delighted to share our high-performance, eco-friendly solutions with our customers in the paint and coatings industry,” commented Sebastian Prock, Head of Marketing & Application Development, Industrial Applications, Business Unit Care Chemicals. “These include the ClariCoat digital platform and our portfolio of wetting and dispersing agents to help formulators find the perfect match for their specific requirements and to extend the open time of water-based acrylic and polyurethane paints.”

The ClariCoat digital platform has been designed to help customers find the best wetting and dispersing agents depending on their specific needs and preferences. These include performance criteria such as stability, workability, and sustainability and the recommendations are suitable for both low and high pigment-to-volume (PVC) lacquers.

Clariant representatives will also be presenting a portfolio of wetting and dispersing agents that allow coatings manufacturers to increase the open time (working time) of their acrylic and polyurethane lacquers. These agents have been developed in response to the environmental and health concerns associated with the high and semi-volatile organic compound (VOC and SVOC) content in traditional, solvent-based paints. This portfolio of agents offers multifunctional support and has been enhanced for crucial properties including gloss, leveling, and sag resistance.

“As part of Clariant’s commitment to sustainability, we have also developed polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-free and renewable-based solutions for the printing industry,” commented Ray Gonzales, Head of Marketing Coatings & Adhesives, Business Unit Adsorbents and Additives. “We see the future of printing inks as a blend of vibrancy and sustainability, where creative expression coexists with environmental responsibility.”

Clariant technical experts will be showcasing three environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce the use of PTFE-containing additives:

  • Ceridust 8170 M is a PTFE-free texturing agent for powder coatings that additionally reduces energy consumption in the powder coating extrusion process. This product is also PFAS-free and compliant with the European Union law REACH.
  • Ceridust 8330 is a bio-based additive made from a renewable resource that exhibits superior rub resistance properties compared to conventional wax-based products. Ceridust 8830 can be easily dispersed in both water and solvent-based ink systems.
  • Licocare RBW VITA is a multi-purpose additive for coatings applications that is derived from crude rice bran wax (RBW), a renewable-based, high-performance solution used across varied industries. The product has achieved Gold-level Material Health and "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" certificates and has a renewable carbon index (RCI) of at least 98%.

Clariant has world-leading expertise in providing solutions for the paint and coatings industry and is committed to helping the industry evolve through cleaner and more sustainable operations. Clariant colleagues look forward to discussing with customers on how to work together on this sustainability journey at this year’s American Coatings Show.

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Source: Clariant