Powder Containment Systems


As the pioneer of flexible powder handling and containment systems in the pharmaceutical industry, ILC Dover has collaborated with hundreds of customers to provide engineered containment solutions for a wide range of process equipment. Many of these solutions address fine chemical powder handling, containment, and isolation needs.

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Brochure: Containment Systems

As the pioneer of flexible containment systems, ILC Dover has collaborated with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry to develop a range of validated containment solutions that interface with a wide variety of process equipment. All of our products are designed to be safe, effective, and user-friendly. The same knowledge of flexible film and fabric systems and attention to detail that allows us to be NASA's sole supplier of spacesuits uniquely qualifies us to design and produce unparalleled containment systems.

Our product line includes the following containment solutions:

  • Dover Pac®
    Our flagship product that offers the capability to offload and charge potent compounds.
  • Continuous Liners
    Multiple size continuous liner packs designed to support contained drum loading.
  • Dover Pac® SF
    Charging system designed to interface with spit butterfly valves.
  • Flexible Enclosures
    Standard and custom enclosures designed to provide containment for a range of process equipment.
  • Drum Sampling Enclosures
    Supports accessing drummed materials for sampling purposes while the drum is fully contained.
  • Drum Powder Transfer Sleeves
    Provides ability to effectively transfer powders from one operation to another in a contained manner.
  • Drum Transfer Systems
    Permits contained transfers of powders from a drum to another vessel.

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Brochure: Containment Systems