News | March 9, 2023

Corrosion Innovations Announces Merger With Distribution Partner CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - Corrosion Innovations announced a merger with their long-term partner, CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC, on March 3, 2023.

Corrosion Innovations is the manufacturer of the Corr-Ze™ surface preparation product line, and CRW partnered with them in 2020 as their master distributor. The merger is a natural fit for both companies based on their shared history and will significantly enhance product and consulting offerings from Corrosion Innovations. Marlin Lester will remain Corrosion Innovation's Chief Executive Officer, and Jeremi Day will join their team as Chief Technical Officer, with Gregg Taney taking the role of President. Trey Chandler will assume the position of Director of International Sales.

Marlin Lester stated, "We are proud of this merger and the synergy this team brings to the industry and Corrosion Innovations. This will no doubt add to the market leading edge that we hold above all competitors."

The merger with CRW Consulting & Distribution will allow Corrosion Innovations to expand its product offering and provide unparalleled customer service from AMPP-certified experts with decades of experience in the corrosion and coatings industries.

When asked about the convergence of the companies, the former CRW Consulting and Distribution team had optimistic outlooks. "This merger sets us up for the vertical integration we'll need for the future. This is a stepping stone to some great things coming very soon; stay tuned," commented Gregg Taney. Trey Chandler shared, "CRW has been an integral part of the Corr-Ze™ product growth in the industry and forming this joint partnership was always a hope for us.  I'm proud we've reached the point of seeing it materialize, and we're very excited about the future." Jeremi Day added, "We couldn't be more thrilled about this. We're bringing together two extremely strong companies in the corrosion control industry, who will set standards in innovation, while  leading the way in the surface preparation industry."

To learn more about the merger and the future of Corrosion Innovations, visit the Corrosion Innovations LinkedIn business page ( to watch the live stream scheduled for 10:30 a.m. CST on April 20, 2023.

With more than 200 years of combined coatings and surface preparation experience, Corrosion Innovation's team of AMPP-certified corrosion experts are devoted to identifying and treating impurities that unnecessarily cost time, money, and precious resources. The organization is proud to provide a simple yet powerful solution to the chronic problem of premature coating failure. To purchase or learn more about the corrosion-preventing Corr-Ze™ surface treatment products, visit

Corrosion Innovations is dedicated to solving the problem of corrosion through research, product development, outreach, education, and professional services. The company assists organizations in streamlining processes and reducing operating and ownership costs by eliminating the most common cause of coating failure. It also optimizes coating adhesion and reliability and lowers required maintenance frequency and scope. In addition to making Corr-Ze™ products available for distribution, Corrosion Innovations will continue research to identify contaminants and other interference impurities and develop environmentally safe, effective, and economical solutions. The company will assist leading organizations in pursuing best practices to ensure the integrity and longevity of all metal surfaces.

Source: Corrosion Innovations

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