News | March 1, 2024

DIC Opens Coating Resins Application Lab In India

Enabling swift responses to customer needs and the proposal of comprehensive solutions based on evaluation results

DIC Corporation today announced that two of its subsidiaries in India—DIC South Asia Private Limited in Mumbai and IDEAL CHEMI PLAST PRIVATE LTD. in Badlapur—have together established the DIC South Asia Private Limited Application Lab, a dedicated laboratory for evaluating coating resins for automotive coatings and infrastructure applications. The new facility opened in February 2024.

DIC sees India’s coating resins market, currently growing at an annual rate of approximately 9%, as particularly promising and is working to expand its presence in the country, including by building a second production site at IDEAL CHEMI PLAST, acquisition of which was completed in 2019. Production at the new site commenced in February 2024.

The Company made the decision to establish the Application Lab with the goal of enabling it to respond swiftly to the needs of local customers and to propose comprehensive solutions that include not only recommending and supplying resins, but also providing compounding formulations and processed samples.

The Application Lab, run as an open laboratory, is jointly managed by DIC South Asia, which has provided equipment, and IDEAL CHEMI PLAST, which administers the part of the industrial area in which the facility is located. DIC expects that its coating resins customers in India will make active use of this new open laboratory going forward and that the laboratory will help it to further improve the services it provides in the Indian market.

Source: DIC Corporation