Eco-Tec Awarded CBNG Produced Water Treatment System Contract By Marathon Oil Corporation

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Product Sheet: RecoPur CBM Water Treatment System

Pickering, Ontario – Eco-Tec is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded a contract to supply a coal bed natural gas (CBNG) water treatment system to Marathon Oil Corporation, through one of the company's wholly owned subsidiaries, for one of its production sites in Northeast Wyoming.

CBNG production is the process of extracting vast quantities of natural gas that are commonly trapped in coal deposits. A key element of responsible CBNG resource development is the management of ground water that is produced in the process of releasing the gas from the coal deposits.

To address this issue, Eco-Tec has configured an economical system, the RecoPur® Water Treatment System, that recovers produced water, and purifies it to very high quality standards. By using proprietary ion exchange, the system is able to purify large quantities of water from multiple wells, is compact, skid mounted, and fully automatic. Eco-Tec also offers remote equipment monitoring and control, requiring minimal personnel. This capability reduces costs and provides instant awareness and adjustment for water flow and composition variances.

Marathon operates CBNG production sites throughout the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Key to successful drilling is the ability to manage the large volumes of water produced. The selected proprietary RecoPur® system consists of Recoflo® advanced, compressed-bed ion exchange units, combined with patented Spectrum Micro Media Filters™. The system is designed to process 36,000 barrels per day (1050 USgpm) of produced water, while reducing the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR), and is scheduled for commissioning this month.

"We are proud to continue the Eco-Tec tradition of providing industries with economical systems that address environmental sustainability," stated Mike Dejak, Eco-Tec President. "We are pleased to assist Marathon with its ability to move forward with CBNG production through sound water management processes, and we are looking forward to working with other CBNG developers in the Powder River Basin through our local partners at PureTech."

PureTech provides comprehensive solutions to the Coal Bed Natural Gas industry, and offers over 20 years of industry experience through exceptional local support and technical expertise in the installation and commissioning of CBNG water treatment systems. PureTech was selected for Marathon's RecoPur® water quality solution to provide full, turnkey Operations and Maintenance services.

About Eco-Tec
Eco-Tec is an award-winning, globally recognized manufacturer of water purification, gas processing, and chemical recovery systems for industrial operations. Eco-Tec provides proven integrated technologies based on proprietary technologies that offer significant cost reduction and superior process efficiency. Eco-Tec has provided more than 1500 systems in over 52 countries, and is represented in all major markets.

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Product Sheet: RecoPur CBM Water Treatment System