News | September 4, 2007

Eco-Tec Wins Award For Innovation

Pickering, Ontario - Eco-Tec is proud to announce the receipt of the Ontario Global Traders Award (OGTA) honoring top exporters. Some of the best products, services and expertise in the world come from Ontario's leading companies, and the Government of Ontario joins its partners in trade to celebrate these achievements.

Being presented during an awards gala in October, the 2007 Ontario Global Traders Award joins a long list of outstanding Eco-Tec achievements including the 2005 Global Traders Award and the 2005 Falconbridge Award, as well as being recognized as one of Canada's Best Managed Companies.

"We are not just an equipment supplier," stated Dr. Phillip (Rocky) Simmons, Chairman of Eco- Tec, "innovation is one of our core capabilities."

Incorporated since 1970, Eco-Tec is recognized in over 52 countries as an innovative design and manufacturing company of water purification, gas processing and chemical recovery systems for industrial operations. For over 35 years, Eco-Tec has specialized in industrial equipment specifically designed to improve operational efficiencies, while at the same time addressing environmental needs.

Before environmental regulations and sustainable development were mainstream, Eco-Tec was at the forefront of innovative technology. Through continuous improvement and constant vigil of market needs, Eco- Tec continues to provide products worldwide that economically assist industries with better management of earth's resources.

About The Ontario Chamber of Commerce

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