News | March 31, 2008

Eriez® Offers New FinesSort™ Literature: A Helpful Guide For Achieving Advanced Metal Scrap Recovery

Erie, PA — Eriez® is offering a new, free brochure highlighting the FinesSort™ Metals Recovery System (MRS). According to the brochure, the FinesSort reclaims valuable metals that would previously have been destined for the landfill. Al Gedgaudus, Eriez Recycling Product Manager, explains, "The recovered metals can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars annually or thousands of dollars daily."

The brochure features an illustration of the FinesSort System, which makes it easy to understand how it operates. A helpful chart shows the daily value of fines recovery with the machine. The brochure also includes an example flow sheet that demonstrates a typical equipment line-up with a FinesSort.

The literature explains that the FinesSort MRS contains powerful magnetic components that are capable of recovering fines material less than 1-inch diameter. It also notes that companies can realize a full return on investment in as short as six months.

48 and 60-inch FinesSort models are offered. For more information, call Eriez.