News | October 3, 2023

Everest Systems Introduces New Polyurea Coating

Everest Systems recently launched EverMax Polyurea, a durable and flexible coating for commercial roofing applications. This polyurea coating is designed for low shrinkage, extreme flexibility, and has exceptional resistance to mechanical damage.

As a major component in Everest’s EverMax Roofing System, EverMax Polyurea raises the performance of the system to a high-impact solution for areas that experience extreme weather events. EverMax Polyurea has a unique combination of very high tensile strength and exceptional flexibility. The product is well suited to resist hail impact and minimize the need for costly insurance claims, making the system a cost-effective and smart solution for the building owner. The restoration process with EverMax is ideal with minimal downtime for the applicator, another cost-effective quality of the system for both the contractor and the building owner. Along with durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness, EverMax is a sustainable and environmentally mindful system saving existing membranes from otherwise being removed and replaced. It’s a great long-term solution for existing, aged commercial roofs in harsh environments.

The EverMax System consists of a base coat of EverMax Polyurea and a variety of compatible top coats offered by Everest. Everest’s Polyurethane Spray Foam is an optional product that can be incorporated. This system can be applied directly over existing membrane after proper surface preparation.

“The addition of Polyurea products to our current product line gives Everest the ability to meet a wider range of needs in the commercial roof restoration market,” says John Linnell, owner of Everest Systems. “The EverMax System is a direct response to the need for a more impact-resistant roof membrane that will stand up to ever-changing extreme weather events.”

Everest Systems is a premier manufacturer of Elastomeric Roof Coatings, Foams, and Sealants for the commercial roofing industry. As an innovative and growing company, Everest Systems provides solutions for commercial building owners to restore their roofs versus a costly replacement. Everest Systems utilizes a vast network of approved commercial contractors who are able to apply the system and obtain full warranties. More information about EverMax Polyurea and the EverMax System can be found at or reach out to a local Everest technical sales manager.

Source: Everest Systems