News | December 20, 2023

FOOT MASTER Announces Surface Treatment Changes For GF, PMH, And GDSP Series Casters

New Surface Treatment Changes Improve FOOT MASTER Caster Corrosion Resistance, Surface Durability, and Provides Environmentally Friendly, Clean Appearance

Grand Rapids, MI /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - G-DOK Industries, the world's leading caster engineering company, is excited to announce new surface treatment change as well as swivel-lock notches for its GF Series Heavy Duty Casters, PMH Series Medium Duty Casters, and GDSP Series Shock Absorbing Casters.

FOOT MASTER's surface treatment changes involve transitioning from zinc plating to powder coating. These changes to FOOT MASTER's GF, PMH, and GDSP Series Casters offer several advantages including protection against corrosion, improved surface durability, and an eco-friendly powder coating that provides an environmentally friendly, clean appearance.

In addition to the surface treatment changes on the GF Series Casters, FOOT MASTER has also added notches for its swivel locks. The notches allow the casters to swivel or lock into a rigid position. This not only provides more flexibility of movement, but also offers the ability to effectively tow equipment or carts with casters.

"Transitioning from zinc plating to a powder-coated surface finish offers protection against corrosion and improved surface durability, extending caster longevity while enabling customers to expand the use of our casters in new applications," says Mike Kulka, sales manager at FOOT MASTER. "Customers will also be able to utilize the newfound swivel-lock notches to more effectively manage and coordinate moving and towing of equipment with casters."

FOOT MASTER Casters are available in a variety of sizes and load capacities to meet the needs of numerous applications including those in the industrial, automotive, marine, secondary battery, and aerospace industries. To learn more about G-DOK Industries offerings, please visit our website at

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