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The Motorola Bi Polar Sector of Motorola Inc. has been contracted with Gold Tech Industries for approximatley four (4) years

The Motorola Bi Polar Sector of Motorola Inc. has been contracted with Gold Tech Industries for approximatley four (4) years. Gold Tech has supplied our maintenace group with Extrusions, Radiometers, End Reflectors, and Water Cooled Walls for our EPI-Taxial Reactors, as well as complete mircoscopes and Optical Service and Repair. Gold Tech has in the past, and is continuing to provide an excellent service and product at very competitive pricing.
Dave Jason Motorola, Inc.
Bright Nickel-QQ-N-290
Applications: Decorative, under-plate for decorative gold and chrome, corrosion resistance.

Chem-film (Alodine)-Mil-C-5541
Applications: Corrosion resistance of aluminum, electrical impedance on aluminum.

Chrome-Decorative (Trivalent only)-QQ-C320 Applications: Decorative

Copper-Mil-C-14550 and ASTM-B 734
Applications: Under-plate for tin-lead and silver plating, solderability, and decorative.

Electroless Nickel-Mil-C-26074 and SAE AMS-2404
Applications: Corrosion resistance, laser welding, EMI/RFI shielding, coating of clean room equipment.

Gold--ASTM-B 488 (Direct Replacement for Mil-G-45204)
Applications: Type I & II-Decorative, conductivity, solderability, infrared reflectance, electrical contacts, corrosion resistance, and laser reflectance. Type III- Wire bonding, die bonding, solderability, flex-circuit applications.

Passivaton-SAE AMS-QQ-P-35 (Direct Replacement for QQ-P-35) and ASTM-A 967
Applications: Prevent corrosion on stainless steels.

Plating on Plastics Applications: Decorative, EMI/RFI shielding, electrical conductivity, and clean room applications.

Precision Metal Cleaning
Applications: Cleaning of semiconductor metals deposition equipment tooling for re-use.

Silver -- QQ-S-365 and ASTM-B 700
Applications: Microwave applications, electrical conductivity, solderability, decorative, and lubricity.

Sulfamate Nickel -- Mil-P-27418 and SAE AMS-2424
Applications: Under-plate for soldering, wire bonding and die bonding, electroforming, low stress ductility applications.

Tin -- Matte Finish -- ASTM-B 545 (Replacement for Mil-T-10727)
Applications: Solderability.

Tin -- Lead -- SAE AMS-C-81728 (Direct Replacement for Mil-P-81728)
Applications: Solderability (Alloy Sn/Pb-60/40, 80/20, 95/5)

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