Company Profile | June 22, 2000

HBS Equipment

Source: HBS Equipment
HBS Equipment Charles Auerbach (1909-1980) founded Hollywood Bronze Supply in 1946-47 to meet the growing need of post W.W.II parents and their growing families with "bronzed" baby shoes.

Mr. Auerbach developed a novel method of packaging the chemicals, equipment and instructions necessary for preparing and bronzing the treasured tokens of childhood, which he distributed throughout North America. Many people credit Charles Auerbach and Hollywood Bronze Supply for their initial start in plating, as he provided one of the first complete "Home study courses on plating, in concert with the Metal Finishing Guidebook."

By the late 50's, HBS, as it was now named, was becoming increasingly well known as a builder of plating equipment. Tanks, rectifiers, and support equipment were turned into modular assemblies, which were becoming popular for nearly every type of finishing operation. He continually expanded the business, located in Los Angeles, to provide an ever-increasing array of products and automation for plating and finishing operations. As the plating of electronic components exploded in the 60's and 70's, HBS was there with improvements in module designs (Unimaster) created for unique market requirements that are still being utilized today. With continuous improvements designed to increase efficiency and meet the demands of more sensitive chemical processes and environmental regulations, HBS continued its growth in the 80's and 90's.

Today, HBS Equipment Corporation carries Charles Auerbach's vision into the 21st century, with over 50 years experience in metal finishing. From a simple tank to a complete turnkey automated system, HBS stands alone as the only manufacturer that not only builds its own plating equipment, but also builds its own power supplies. HBS' catalog, continuously in print for over 50 years, contains hundreds of plating accessories and remains the most complete and oldest of its kind. With its sister company, Mag-Tran, HBS has installed over 75,000 power supplies and systems on every continent of the globe. HBS continues to set the standard for design engineering in metal finishing.

With our TEAM approach to projects and our commitment to the ideas identified in our Objectives, Mission and Quality Statements (see Profile below), HBS expects to continue its leadership into the new millennium by providing innovative solutions to our customers manufacturing problems.