High-Speed Electroplating for Wire and Ribbon

Source: California Fine Wire Co.
This company offers high-speed wire and ribbon electroplating services
California Fine Wire Co.y offers high-speed wire and ribbon electroplating services. Providing a range of wires, coatings, diameters, lengths, ribbon shapes and finishes, they will deliver electroplated wire within five days. This one-stop service allows customers to choose an electroplated or electroless plating process for their specific application. In addition, electroplating is offered with nickel, copper, silver, gold, platinum, aluminum, tin, tin-lead, cadmium, rhodium, palladium and palladium nickel, in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 300 millionths of an inch. The company also anodizes aluminum and aluminum alloys and is capable of electroplating aluminum or platinum onto wires and ribbons in diameters from 8 ten-thousandths to 30 thousandths of an inch.

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