News | July 13, 2018

Insteel Blacksmiths And Fabricators Now Offer Innovative Powder Coating Service

Colour adds excitement and variation to everyone’s lives. For centuries the most common way to add colour to objects is through liquid paint. However, liquid paint does not always easily adhere to every type of surface. For example, paint generally struggles to cover metals well. However, there is another option in the fairly new technology of powder coating. This method involves the application of a dry powder that is applied electrostatically and then cured with heat. One Cornwall company has quickly become an expert in this method of colour application and is already affecting the industry greatly.

As of October 2017, Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Ltd started their own in-house powder coating service but it has not taken them long to establish a solid customer base. The company began with powder coating, but they are rapidly expanding their list of services. They have already added grit blasting with other types of metal spraying to come shortly. A full list of the company’s services can be found on their website at Many customers have been very impressed with the new company’s professionalism and expertise. They are quickly becoming the go-to destination for people who require powder coating, Cornwall, South West.

Many times, when people search for business services, they will end up choosing the business that has the most experience. While this is a useful rule of thumb, it should not be an unbreakable covenant. There are many wonderful businesses that are just starting out that have many great things to offer the world. These businesses will never receive the recognition they deserve if people refuse to work with them just because they are new. Every great business has to start somewhere. Companies like Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators are unafraid to work hard to build a customer base in a short amount of time which should be a great indicator of the level of service they will likely deliver.

Experience is remarkably important, but sometimes great training and intelligence can provide the first step. Powder coating is a relatively new process that requires an extensive amount of equipment. New companies like Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators keep up with recent and provide the latest trends and have received the most recent training. Call or contact through their website today to find out how they can help you.

SOURCE: Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Ltd