News | December 6, 2022

Laser Photonics Receives Order For Its CleanTech Laser Blaster Technology From Baltimore Gas And Electric

Laser Photonics Corporation ("LPC"), a leading global developer of Cleantech laser systems for laser cleaning and other materials applications, today announced it received an order from Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), in Baltimore, MD.

Wayne Tupuola, chief executive officer of Laser Photonics, commented: "Baltimore Gas and Electric commissioned Laser Photonics to provide a handheld laser cleaning system for paint removal from various tank surfaces. Our CleanTech 2000 JobSite system was a strong choice as a safe, cost-efficient, high-quality answer for this and other applications."

CleanTech 2000-CTH JobSite
The CleanTech 2000-CTH JobSite is a 2000-watt handheld laser cleaning machine and surface preparation system designed to remove rust, paint and almost anything else from steel, aluminum, iron, and many more surface types. We believe that this handheld laser cleaning machine surpasses the capabilities of standard sandblasting and dry-ice blasting and eliminates dangerous chemicals, hazardous fumes, costly materials and complicated procedures and that CleanTech is the most cost-effective, efficient and safe method of industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and surface preparation.

Complete the job with surgical accuracy, in minimal time, under any condition. The 2000-CTH Jobsite has five continuous wave laser patterns that provide flexibility when operating the laser in different applications across different surface types. This allows the user to quickly switch from laser cleaning to laser finishing with the press of a button. Customers can now clean rust, remove paint and other coatings, and then roughen and finish nearly any metal surface using the same handheld laser.

Source: Laser Photonics Corporation ("LPC")