Liquid and Powder Coatings for Metal and Plastic Substrates

Source: Lilly Industries, Inc.
The company manufactures liquid and powder coatings
Lilly Industries, Inc. manufactures liquid and powder coatings. According to Lilly Industries, Inc., their PipeClad 2000 series is the first multilayer coating system that combines mechanical-damage protection and fusion-bonded epoxy technology. Their metallic reclaimable powder coating and the Hy-Flow thin-film powder coatings are used in appliances and industrial equipment applications.

When determining which product is appropriate, Lilly Industries, Inc. sends representatives to the site to conduct line surveys, coating audits, and other tasks. It is then that they determine whether powder coat, spray coat, dip coat, curtain coat, flow coat, or electrocoat is the appropriate finishing method. Their low-VOC coatings can be applied to metal and plastic substrates.

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