News | November 10, 2011

MBI Coatings Introduces Proprietary Engineered TRACLON™ Extreme Non-Stick Release Coating

Revolutionary extreme non-stick release coating TRACLON™ offers greater performance and durability over conventional non-stick coatings.

Lancaster, SC (PRWEB) - MBI Coatings, a specialty coatings applications manufacturer in Lancaster, SC, is leading the way in engineered coatings and surface technology with its revolutionary extreme non-stick release coating TRACLON™.

"When we develop a coating," said Sam Eljoundi, the company's president, "we don't just consider the surface of the part it will cover but the entire part and under what conditions it will be used."

TRACLON™ can be tailored to be either a low friction coating or a traction coating consisting of release polymer materials that are embedded in Thermal Sprayed matrix for extra toughness not normally associated with regular non-stick coatings.

With tough abrasion resistant properties, superior surface protection in corrosive environments, as well as its extreme non-stick properties, TRACLON™ can be used effectively by manufacturing sectors and industries for a variety of processing aid applications, typically glue, ink, paint, adhesives, foam, rubber, or any other sticky substance components, such as trays, pans, pumps and shields and rolls of all types.

"We're proud of our product," said Eljoundi. "TRACLON™ coatings offer customers superior performance as well as tremendous cost savings. It's all about what the material can do for the customer. By dramatically reducing or even eliminating extra maintenance clean-up labor and materials costs, and reducing down-time for clean-up, keeping production running longer, customers save time, money and hassle. TRACLON™ offers customers more of everything they want and none of what they don't want and that's what makes it such a desirable non-stick coating."

TRACLON™ information is available from MBI Coatings by visiting their website or by calling 1-803-313-9292.

About MBI Coatings
MBI Coatings is a brand of Metallic Bonds, LLC. Headquartered in Lancaster, SC, MBI Coatings owns 20,000 square feet of production space on seven acres. Leaders in engineered coatings and surface technology, MBI Coatings offers a complete range of coating and services directed at re-surfacing and improving the performance of components and parts. With expertise in solving wear, corrosion, and erosion problems, MBI Coatings offers solutions to a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and commercial businesses designed to make parts work better and increase their lifespan. Visit or call 1-803-313-9292.


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